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Author Topic: IHWE-BRDOLV - Iron Heart Int'l x Wesco® - 8" Olive Burlap Brown Domain Jobmaster  (Read 5985 times)

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(Just give it a brush now and then, if it’s dirty).

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Received my pair yesterday!


SIZING: First Wesco boots for me so I had some doubts on sizing as I ordered. I went with my usual size 10 lengthwise and it was perfect. I'm also a 10 with White's (4811), Viberg (2040, 2050, 1035) and Truman. These are a D width, and it turned out a bit wide for me. I'm a Brannock 11 C, and these feel a tad loose in the forefoot area but even roomier around the heel and ankle. Lacing more tightly helps reduce the extra space there but it is never a perfect fit.


LOOKS: I'm very happy with the tidy stitching on them. A good thing in this case as the Jobmaster pattern really highlights the stitch job all over the vamp and counter, further made visual by the use of different colors and gauge for the threads. Judging from this one pair, I'd rate Wesco stitching virtually on par with Viberg; and clearly cleaner than White's and Truman.


COMFORT: I wore them yesterday for about 4 hours, no discomfort nor hot spots; and today for a good 10 hours with no problems at all. Seems like break in will be really smooth on these. I nevertheless miss the arch support White's offers so I'll look into using some insoles for that. I have enough free room to experiment with insoles. On the initial comfort rating, I'd rank these Wesco's only behind White's during the first two days of wear; and in front of both Viberg and Truman. Perhaps the thick Vibram sole is playing a part here.


LEATHERS: The olive burlap leather is very soft, velvety feel and pliable, perfect for the uppers to provide great comfort around the ankle. The brown domain is a wonderful color and feels protective, thick and strong. Again, well suited leather for the bumps to come in the near future. I took several more pics but didn't get the white balance right, and the olive leather came out yellowy/orange so I left those out to avoid the wrong impressions on the olive color. It is a super nice green in real life. And the fully gusseted tongue is a redder shade of brown than the brown domain, and much softer and thinner too. I'd guess it is probably CXL? Not sure because I don't own any CXL footwear yet. At any rate, a very appropriate leather texture for the gusseted tongue; well chosen!


These are also my first pair of boots (or any footwear) with two different colored leathers so I´ll be learning to get used to that new style. The LONG wait was worth it and so happy I chose these. 
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Same Here