Do I need to register to order from your website?

No, if you wish you can check out as a guest, but we recommend you create an account which enables you to save your addresses and view your order history.

How do I know if my order was successful?

As well as confirmation of payment, you should receive an email from us confirming the order details

What does "Extant", "Endangered" and "Extinct" mean on the product page?

EXTANT - A regular production item, will be restocked.

ENDANGERED - A one-off limited production run, or product that we have decided to kill off , that will not be restocked (when it’s gone, it’s gone!) 

EXTINCT - Sold out and no more will be made (we include these in a special section on our website as an archive and for customers to compare sizing with previous runs of jeans, shirts etc.)

Do you accept payments in different currrencies?

Yes. Our base pricing is US dollars, but you can also view and pay in Euros, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars and British pounds (please note that exchange rates for EUR, CAD, AUD and GBP may occasionally fluctuate, causing these prices to change against the base US$ price).

Why is my payment failing?

Firstly, we are very sorry that this happened, we hate it when it happens to us. Unfortunately, we get virtually no information this end on why the payment failed, but we know from experience it’s because the cardholder name/address details don’t match up properly, or it's possible the card is not authorised for overseas payments. If you're experiencing issues with PayPal payments we can sometimes resolve this by sending you a PayPal invoice, or if you wish, you can try sending us the money directly via PayPal to our email address We can then convert your failed transaction into a live order.

Why is there an extra card charge on my statement?

Some credit card providers charge an extra percentage for orders placed outside of your country or in a different currency. These charges are made and kept by the card provider (not us) and we have no control over them. If you want to check if additional overseas charges will be levied, please contact your card provider before placing an order.

What stores sell Iron Heart?

You can view a full list of our Iron Heart stockists here.

Can I come and look at Iron Heart stuff and buy from you in person?

Yes, we are delighted to have personal visitors to our office/workshop. We’ll even give you a 10% discount for making the effort!

Please contact us before you travel to make an appointment - our regular opening hours are 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday, but we are happy to see visitors at the weekend by prior arrangement if we are available.