The N1 Deck Jacket

You’d be forgiven for forgetting that the N-1 jacket came into service for the US Navy back in the early 1940s, as it has been reproduced and appropriated into men’s fashion for decades. Style icons through the last 40 years such as Paul Newman and James Dean have cemented the N-1 as a classic piece of Americana coveted by anyone who appreciates high quality clothing that is built to last. 

The evolution of the N-1 is one of function. It started life as a copy of the Army’s “tanker jacket” but it was soon realised that it would need to be changed for working onboard ships. So the storm cuff was moved into the sleeve to avoid snagging, as were the patch pockets. The original colour of the outer shell was navy, but later changed to khaki to increase camouflage on ship and shore, while the alpaca kept the sailors warm during operations in the harsh conditions of the north Atlantic. All this led to the N-1 becoming the longest serving military jacket in US history; being decommissioned in the late 1960s hasn’t dampened its popularity with servicemen and civilians alike. 

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Japanese Heavy Denim

Our Denims - our jeans, denim shirts and jackets are made from many different weights and colours of superb quality Japanese denim – most selvedge, some raw/loomstate, some sanforized and almost all exclusive to Iron Heart.  We’ve tried to include all the information you might need, and if you have any difficulty with terminology or finding what you want, we are here to help.

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