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Author Topic: Season 2 Episode 8 is Live! With Jason Jules, author of Black Ivy.  (Read 331 times)

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Dearest Iron Hearts,

A gift from the shores of Hampshire, episode 8 of Iron Cast! This time with the coolest cat you’ve never met, Mr Jason Jules.

Ep available on all platforms, but link to Spotify here:


Jason Jules is author of the epic book 'Black Ivy: A Revolt in Style'. He is a director, producer, brand consultant, model, and one of the most stylish guys we know - just ask Tyler, the Creator. In this episode we talk about motivation, how to define oneself, and doom scrolling.. Black Ivy: A Revolt in Style is available online, and at your local, independent bookstore. Be sure to give Jason a follow at @garmsville on Instagram. Enjoy!


Jason Jules.

Jason’s Website


Black Ivy: A Revolt in Style available here:

Black Ivy: A Revolt in Style https://amzn.eu/d/iu5kzBq

Interview with Tyler, the Creator - skip to around 16 minutes in:

Thanks for listening and see you for the final episode of season 2 in a few weeks!
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