Iron Heart Product Care Guidelines

We don’t consider ourselves the total experts on how to wash and care for your Iron Heart gear, but here are some guidelines that might help. Extra special attention should be taken with the Superblack, SBG (Superblack Fades to Grey) and Cotton Duck fabrics, as these are susceptible to white marks and creases if not washed with special care.

Raw Denim (by “raw” we mean the fabric has gone through no post-weave processing at all) – Raw denim is sometimes referred to as "loom-state"

Always soak before wearing, not only does this shrink the raw denim to tag size, it also beds in the constructional stitching, lessening the possibility of a stitching problem (e.g. crotch blowout). Ideally soak inside-out for an hour or so in a bathtub or large sink of hot water and drip dry. If you cannot drip dry, soak up the excess water with an old towel and lie flat on a clothes rack to dry.

Ultra Heavy Raw (UHR) Denim

An initial soak or wash is particularly important with this denim, as it is very stiff and abrasive in its raw state, so can cut through the constructional stitching if not bedded in. The denim is loomstate (there has been no post weave processing performed on the denim), so it will shrink and skew. Our UHR jeans are designed to be "shrink to fit", so after washing or soaking a couple of times they will shrink to tag size. You are likely to see about one inch shrinkage in the waist and two inches shrinkage in the inseam. When you get your jeans, soak them in a bathtub or large sink of cold water for a few hours. Then turn them inside-out and wash them in a washing machine* at no hotter than 30 degrees C (circa 90 degrees F), you do not need to add washing powder or detergent. Ideally no spin (or very slow spin) and don't put them in a tumble dryer, it is far better to allow them to air dry (still inside-out). Before they are completely dry, turn right side out and try to smooth out all the wrinkles.

Washing Sanforised Denim and Pre-Soaked Raw Denim (does not need soaking before wearing)

  1. Turn garment inside-out
  2. Hand wash, or machine wash* on relatively short cycle (max 40°C/100°F) with slow or no spin
  3. Shake/stretch item to ensure no creases before drip drying or drying flat on clothes rack
  4. Do not tumble dry (this is likely to cause shrinkage and white marks)

Washing Superblack and SBG (Superblack Fades to Grey) Denim, Cotton Duck

  1. Turn garment inside-out
  2. Hand wash in large sink, or make garment wet before putting in washing machine*
  3. Use a liquid vegetable soap (powder and flakes are more likely to leave residue)
  4. Wash on the gentle cycle
  5. DO NOT use the spin cycle (this is the most important)
  6. After washing, use a towel to soak up the extra water
  7. Lie flat on a clothes rack to dry
  8. Do not tumble dry (this is likely to cause shrinkage and white marks)

Cotton Flannel or Chambray Shirts, Cotton Jersey T-Shirts and Sweatshirts/Hoodies

These can be washed on a regular machine* cycle, (max 40°C/100°F) with quite fast spin. To avoid shrinking, DO NOT tumble dry – hang garments flat to dry and press if required.

*Our experience is with UK front-loading washing machines, please be extra careful if using American large top loading washers, from what we have learned these can be much more vigorous, resulting in a harsher wash and/or more than usual shrinkage.