The Bootery/Wesco® - 1930's 10" Black Boss Engineer Boot



  • Black tie domain leather, 10" boss #7400
  • New vintage Wesco® logo embossing reserved exclusively for the Engineer Boot
  • Vintage 1930's double and triple stitching
  • Brown upper stitching, black outsole stitching
  • 1 3/4" curved heel
  • Vibram #700 outer sole
  • Non-corrosive, ribbed, slightly arched steel shank
  • Motorcycle patrol toe
  • Dye soles and heels brown
  • Wesco® branded sweat-resistant full-leather insole
  • Full-leather midsole
  • Copper roller buckles
  • Buckle instep strap 1" longer
  • Top strap as standard

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