GOOD ART HLYWD Belt Loop Buddy in Brass

  • Made in the USA by GOOD ART HLYWD
  • Cast in solid brass in their foundry in Downtown Los Angeles
  • A secure and elegant way to attach your keys or key chain to your jeans/pants
  • The ring loops over a belt loop or other similar strap, ensuring a secure and easy attachment while appearing permanently affixed
  • You'll adapt your own slick technique for finessing the ring onto your loop while looking like a bonafide badass
  • Length = 3.6" (9 cm)
  • Width  = 1.5" (3.2 cm)
  • Also available in sterling silver
  • We know that you may be able to buy this from US retailers at a lower price and we urge you to do that if you live in the USA, we have to price a little higher to account for the shipping from US and import taxes

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