About the Iron Heart Forum

Iron Heart has a dedicated forum which we believe to be unique in the industry. Initially created to discuss Iron Heart clothing, it has developed into a friendly and interactive forum covering many aspects of today's lifestyle with members and visitors from all over the world. The forum has become a huge, yet easily navigable, source of information with threads on each Iron Heart product, plus many other Japanese and international denim and heritage clothing brands.

We include a lot of information about upcoming product releases, as soon as a new collection has been shown to us in Japan, we share photos and details on the forum. Most of our worldwide network of retailers have their own threads to publish news and announce new stock arrivals.

You can join the Iron Heart Forum here.

Is it easy to use?

(1) You don’t have to become a member, you can browse the forum and gain valuable information as a guest visitor, including advance product information, pricing and images. It also gives users information on the timing of new product releases.
(2) Topics are organised on boards and in threads, and there is a search facility so it’s easy to find stuff that interests you (and ignore stuff that doesn’t) - you can “like” particular threads and members, allowing you to tailor your forum profile to suit your individual interests.
(3) You don’t have to read a thread from the beginning, you can simply look at “new posts” and view recent comments.
(4) You can set up alerts, so if you want information on a specific product or topic you will be alerted when new posts are inserted - this is particularly useful if you are waiting for an item to become available for the first time on the website.
(5) It’s a great place to get help - if you have any questions about something you are considering to purchase, chances are there is someone who can offer independent and unbiased advice.
(6) Most of our Iron Heart retailers use the forum to announce when they have arrival of new stock of Iron Heart and the other great brands they carry.
(7) There is a very active market place on the forum, where members can buy and sell new and used clothing - for free.

Information on new and upcoming product releases

As a forum user, you gain access to details of forthcoming product ideas and releases, often many months before this reaches the “public” domain. When Haraki san releases a new collection we issue photos of samples, and will often use forum members’ feedback to finalise details of styling and colours. We don’t know of any other clothing brand that gives its loyal customers access to this type of information and influence, we know our customers love to see what’s coming up, and plan future purchases. For us it’s a fantastic opportunity to get input on our new clothing releases from the most important source - the people who will buy and wear it.

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