Do you offer a repair service?

Yes. You can view the details of our repair service here.

Do you offer an alteration service?

The only alterations we offer are jeans/pants hemming, which can be ordered online and western shirt snap upgrades (only applies to a few shirts where it is shown as an option on the product webpage). We don’t make other alterations, and we don’t recommend you make major alterations to any Iron Heart garments, although of course minor alterations can be made by a local tailor if you have one you trust!

You can purchase hemming here.

What about shorter leg lengths?

We can shorten all our jeans on our vintage Union Special sewing machine and usually will only add a day or so to delivery. We can also shorten chinos and work pants, and where appropriate will use our vintage Singer for a flat-seam hem. When ordering pants on our website, you’ll automatically be prompted to add hemming if required.

How should I wash my jeans?

All a matter of personal preference. The dyeing process with Iron Heart jeans and other denim products means that they do not fade too much but, to get good contrast, heavy wear and minimal washing is recommended. Raw denim jeans should be washed before wearing to embed the constructional stitching. Always wash garments inside out, this will avoid getting unsatisfactory faded crease-lines in the darker areas. Some of our fabrics, for example superblack denim and cotton duck, are susceptible to white marks/creases if not washed carefully and dried flat.

You can view our full Iron Heart Product care guidelines here.