How Can I Determine my Size?

We understand that when ordering online, determing your size can be difficult and getting it wrong can be disappointing. So we really try to give you all the tools and information you need to work this out, and are here to help if you have any questions, so please email us if you need help. Firstly, you should measure a garment that fits you well like this:

How to Measure Jeans & Pants

How to Measure Shirts

How to Measure Jackets

How to Measure Vests

Each product page on our website has a chart of measurements specific to that garment, so you can compare to find the closest match. When measuring jeans, remember to take into account possible shrinkage, and stretch with wear. Measurements can vary slightly from item to item in the same model and size, so let us know when ordering if you’d like us to check any specific dimensions before we ship. Please bear in mind that sizing on Iron Heart garments may be very different from other brands.


The sizing of our Iron Heart garments does not compare with many western makes, and sizes can vary from model to model, so we measure all products individually to ensure we provide accurate sizing on the website. We ask customers to check measurements carefully - on each individual product page, you can click on a sizing tab, which gives the actual measurements for that product model. When browsing our website, there is a filtering option on the left hand side of each category page which enables you to check which products are made in which sizes, and also if the size you are looking for is in stock.


With sanforized jeans, none. With raw jeans about an inch in the waist and an inch in the inseam. You will get the leg riding up a little after a few weeks of wear, this is caused by heavy denim creasing behind the knees. BUT, all jeans will stretch with wear, depending upon how much pressure is put on the waist band, you can get up to 1.5" stretch after being worn for a time. For a discussion on stretching, take a look here. Jackets, shirts and t-shirts are generally one-washed, so any shrinkage should be minimal, but please read the notes on the product web page as any possible shrinkage for that specific item will be explained there.


We can shorten all our jeans on our vintage Union Special sewing machine and usually will only add a day or so to delivery. We can also shorten chinos and work pants, and where appropriate will use our vintage Singer for a flat-seam hem. When ordering pants on our website, you’ll automatically be prompted to add hemming if required.

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