Snap Upgrade


  • Pimp your new (and old) Iron Heart shirts with alternative snaps
  • Choice of 4 snap types: mottled grey, turquoise, transparent and genuine mother of pearl - SIMPLY CLICK ON YOUR COLOUR CHOICE BELOW
  • The turquoise and MOP are cased in silver whereas the transparent and grey are cased in brass
  • Can only be done on shirts that have the upgrade possibility identified on the individual shirt product page
  • We (or you) can retro upgrade shirts, drop us an email with model number of shirt and we'll let you know if it's possible
  • If ordered at the same time as a shirt, we’ll apply the upgrade for you (please note if you need to return a “pimped” shirt for exchange or refund the additional cost of the snap upgrade will not be credited or refunded)
  • Price is per shirt/set of snaps

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